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What we do

We are a nonprofit organization focused on aiding our neighbors through our mobile food bank.

By working with families where they are at we are able to assist in supplementing them with food, basic hygiene and much needed household items.  

We support local food banks, veterans, veterans  housing and ministries with donations of food and household items to support their outreach efforts.


Get Involved!

Are you interested in what we're doing? Are you passionate about helping our neighbors transition into stability? Are you interested in  running a food bank in your neighborhood? Let us know! We are always looking for sponsors, volunteers and community partnerships to help us make our vision a reality. Whether you help through monetary donations or volunteering your time, thank you. We couldn't accomplish what we do without you. 

Why Brown Bag Ministries?


Hunger Free Colorado Reports:


Nearly 1 in 10 Coloradans struggle with hunger, not always having enough money to buy food.

Nearly 1 in 6 Colorado kids may not always know when or where they will get their next meal.

More than 1 in 10 Colorado seniors struggle with having enough food, sometimes forced to make choices between purchasing groceries or needed medication.

More than 1 in 12 Coloradans use food stamps, including hard-working families, children, seniors, veterans and those who are disabled.

  3 in 4 food stamp recipients live with children

1 in 4 live with an elderly or a disabled resident

Almost half are members of working families. 

The amount received is on average $1.42 per meal making it a challenge to purchase more expensive fresh food. 

Compared to other states, Colorado ranks 12th in school breakfast participation for low-income students and 44th in SNAP/food stamp access for those eligible. 

Only 3 in 5 households eligible for SNAP/food stamps participate in the program. 


Food bank assistance and limitations:

Through community outreach work many obstacles in accessing traditional food banks became noticeable:

  • M-Sat. business operating hours

  • Accessibility issues (transportation)

  • Inability to transport food boxes once obtained for the disabled, elderly and those with small children

Being mobile allows Brown Bag Ministries to target specific neighborhoods outside of normal business hours, meeting people where they are at.

Creating Stability


Housing shortage and the impact on hunger

The skyrocketing cost of home ownership and rentals in the metro area have forced families into making budgeting decisions between a roof over their heads or food on the table.  With nearly 40% of families elgible for SNAP benefits not accessing SNAP benefits there are people that have needs not being met.

Through the consistent provision of food and necessities, it is our hope is to create food security and stability in our neighbors lives. 

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