We love because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19

About Us

Called to serve in love


We are all called to serve in love, to live out our faith, to be doers of the Word.  Brown Bag Ministries is a collection of people who have heard the call and are stepping out to serve their neighbors in big and small ways.  Started by Tammy Fisher and Diana Horton in 2017, not as a “new thing” to do, but as a formalization of what Tammy, Diana and others were already doing.  By formalizing and solidifying our vision of serving people "where they are at" into a non-profit organization the doors for greater participation and ministry in the community were opened.

Tammy Fisher has a passion for meeting the needs of people. Community service has always played a prominent role in her life from a young age. She brings invaluable volunteering experience to Brown Bag Ministries as well as 25 years leadership experience in the food industry. This combination of volunteering and experience allows her to identify resources and donations others do not see. 

Diana brings a love for people with her background in mentoring and teaching as well as decades of business, finance and innovation management experience. She has an MBA (University of Denver), a Finance and Business BS (Regis University). She is Project Management, Prosci and Lean Six Sigma certified (Green Belt). Her skill set combined with her desire to see people succeed gives the ministry guidance.

We meet people where they are at. 

Not every person who is in need of help can make it to a food bank or access assistance. Through community partnerships we are able to identify neighbors in need and run a weekly or bi-weekly event in a central location in their neighborhood.

We waste nothing. 

An estimated 40% of all food produced in the US ends up in the trash.  Food donated to us is distributed the same day insuring that it does not sit on a shelf to be tossed out later.

We are present in the moment.

We edify, encourage, befriend, listen and hear.  We share the Gospel and we pray with our neighbors if they desire fellowship. If they have a need outside of what we can help with we provide resources to obtain assistance.